attrition (noun). a rubbing away or wearing down of friction, stress.

November 12, 2009

So I spent a fascinating day being a consumer today.  I scrolled on many site and decided that I wanted a pair of Tony Bianco heels and Steve Madden gladiator sandals.  As of now, I only have enough for one pair of heels, and will leave the flats til my funds accumulate throughout this month of work and tutoring. I’m currently tossing up between two TB heels: the Don and the Hot
Please tell me which one you think is worth my investment!  Also, I invested in new skin products because I have a hideously oily T-zone.
I didn’t get the pouch, but enough about that!

I brought Eric to the fish and chip shop and found this:
photoThis made me think about what could have possibly caused the owner of this fish and chip store to put up that sign on the bin.  Then it occured to me: people lacked the common sense to return ceramic plates. What have we come to as a society?  Tsk tsk.

My time is up.  I think I did a good job of inviting people to the inaugural dinner! :D YAYAY! I’m really excited now.



2 Responses to “attrition (noun). a rubbing away or wearing down of friction, stress.”

  1. Alysse Says:

    I like the Hot (the bottom ones)! :)

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