Weekend No. 45

November 14, 2009

I had a wonderful 2 hours of tutoring fresh Year 11 kids.  I’m trying to get to know the better so I can suit my teaching style around each of them.  Two of them are rather studious, and have covered much of the basics; the other, is rather lazy, and reminded me of a boy in my Int’l Relations tut who wears a ‘Ne-Yo’ hat.  He said he was off to the beach today.  Boy, was I envious.  I haven’t visited the beach since finished that last essay.  I will visit sooooon Beach(‘d as bro).

It seems that I won’t be having my date with Kimmy tomorrow, so I’m left stranded again.  Thomas suggested the Glebe Street Fair, which looks fun enough!  I just need to find somebody willing to public transport it there with me (and this will be difficult as I come from a city who has a pretty bad reputation for public transport standards).  I really wouldn’t mind just going to sit there in the Fair Trade Cafe and chill.  I miss that place and Oxfam people.  I missed out on the end of year celebration yesterday because I attended Fashion Weekend instead.  I will make sure I sign up for O’Week events to make up for this! :)

I went over to my cousin’s today to visit them.  Much to their disappointment, I had not learnt the moves of Thriller, and so that date will have to be postponed until later.  What I did to make up for it was play ‘skipping ropes’ with them, teaching them how to do ‘the cool tricks’ such as the ‘criss-cross’ the ‘double speed’ and the ‘jump-in’, with the latter being my favourite.  This is because the ‘jump-in’ requires a lot of rhythm, or so I think, consequently making me believe that I do have rhythm.  Contrary to this instant, I lack any rhythmic movement in my body, bar my heartbeat.  I am incapable of playing my ukulele properly with rhythm; I cannot dance properly because I have horrible feet co-ordination, which also lack rhythm; and also, I can hula a hula-hoop because my torso is inept of rhythm.  Ergo, fail at rhythms.  So, when it comes to the ‘jump-in’, I feel rather excited and proud that I am able to do such a stunt, and for this brief moment, I am happy because I have rhythm.

I don’t know what I want to do tomorrow. But I’m really looking forward to a Branch meeting on Monday after work.  Woo! :D


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