exegesis (noun). exposition, explanation

November 18, 2009

My final thoughts as an 18 year old:

18 years has not been very long.
Society has paradoxically become more consumeristic and lazy.
I like right turns more than I do left.
I love chicken.
I enjoy the weird taste of tomatoes.
More people are inclined to purchase SLRs (like Ron cleverly observed)
People have manipulated me before, and more a likely to.
I really like to jump around, swim and weed to relax.
The world is a big place.
Gender equality is still so pervasive.
Only a handful amount of people are compassionate.
I want to help build a village.
Red is a nice colour. It really is.
Night time is no longer as scary, but much more transient and peaceful.
Clubbing is overrated.  So is alcohol.
Maths was only a love affair.
Synthetic fibres makes your feet stink.
There are beautiful people in this world.
I’m never going to be the smartest, funniest, prettiest person.
Time goes by heaps quick (It’s been a year since formal).


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