obstreperous (adj). noisily and stubbornly defiant; unruly

November 20, 2009

I failed to blog yesterday because I was heaps exhausted from the Inaugural Dinner, which was a huge success! We fundraised, marked our spot as a branch with integrity and ready for competition in the area, holding true to these liberal values.  I’m really excited for the next meeting so we can all celebrate properly!  Thanks for everyone who went to support me and the branch (namely Nessa, Abarna, Cynthia, Jenny, Daniel and Darren).  I really appreciate you taking  time out of your busy schedules last night to attend the dinner.  I met the like of many people and am really excited to be affiliated (indirectly) with them sometime in the near future!

I invested in my last personal investment yesterday.  I really love these heels (all it needs now is some wearing-into):
After I got these, Darren and I headed for some Explode on Wok, where I was greeted with squeals of excitement from one Leena, Abarna and Dilini, who coincidentally bumped into each other ready for lunch with Arruni.  So we all had lunch together on my birthday, therefore a spontaneous Birthday luncheon, which Maggie enjoyed very much, along with the burn of the Explode.

Abarna got me this bunch of flowers, including my two favourite flowers, the tiger lily and gerbera :)

Today, Hito, Ash and Laksmi decided to celebrate my birthday with me by inviting me into Randwick, a place I deem ‘whoop whoop’.  I found Hito’s place in the heat and was greeted with sweaty, but warming hugs.  When I was wandering around his pad, they presented me with this thoughtful pressie!
I promised them each a carrot once I have successfully grown them in the Veggie Patch of mine. YAY! :)
After this, we headed to Coogee beach for some sun-baking (where we shared funny stories) and playtime in the nice, cool water (where Hito was afraid of being tickled and I had my eyes stinging all that time I was in water).  We were heaps hungry later so we decide to head over to for some Thai in The Spot. I must head back there soon for what Laksmi described as the second-best tasting vanilla slices in the world in the Sweet Spot Patisserie.  I’m so excited! :D I might get it next Tuesday after the RitzCinemas.   I had an awesome fun time today with these kids.  They’re all so interesting in their own little, special way.  Can’t wait til’ our next date.

When I returned home, I saw red and blue lights flashing near my parked car- to which I thought I had received a parking ticket because I had exceeded my 4 hour limit.  This wasn’t the case.  I noticed when I got closer that a tree had fallen and that the red and blue lights were from an SES ute.  This is what I saw when I arrived at the door of my car:

I thought the tree had fallen on my car!!!!! I was so hurt, and cursed at myself for parking under the tree.  I chose this shady spot because it was a hot day, and I didn’t know thunderstorms were forecasted for later on the day.  If I had known, I would have paid $5 for parking!!!! I was about to call my mum when I walked over to the other side to see that the tree had just missed the car by a mere inch:

IT JUST MISSED MY CAR! THANKGOSH! I had to clean off all the leaves and then the SES guy said I was real lucky, and I felt very lucky!  I told my parents about this incident over dinner, they were completely unphased and were more concerned about why I was home so late two nights in a row (turning 19 really hasn’t changed anything, and I don’t think anything will change until I’m at an age where 2 is the first of the two-digits).

I went over to my aunts this evening as Mum had to go see her.  I found this cute photo of Eric and my cousin, Michelle, when they were both younger and smaller than me, they now both are somewhat bigger than me (Eric has a bigger foot than I):
They were both so cuteeeeee then and now they’re bigger than me! D: I’m so old nowwww.

Anyway, I have tutoring classes tomorrow that I’m all prepped for! Weeeeeeee!


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