Weekend No. 46

November 23, 2009

I realise that I am something like a little an hour late, but I hope this hefty post makes up for it!

It was a stinking hot day in Sydney today, somewhat like a desert.  I accompanied Reila out to the Apple Store to purchase a new 13″ aluminium MacBook Pro.  The boxes have slimmed down, with the Macbook still be so sexy.  Reila might name her Mac Harry because she has an iPod named Draco, which would mean she could implement the pun of “plugging Draco into Harry through the rear end”.  HAHAHAHA! She is so classic. I also had the chance to met Reila’s friend, Ninad.  Although Ninad and I had attended the same high school in our final years, I had never actually had a conversation with him.  He’s a really nice boy who has good-looking fresh haircuts and a cute nose (for anyone who is interested and looking).  We had lunch together before deciding to make purchases.  I am now going to write a feedback for him so he can quit his job with a Bang!  Reila and I also did lots of hunting for all things lovely, such as shoes, purfumes and swimmers, but I refrained from spending because I said I would save up for Xmas pressies! I have something like $300 at the moment! :D

After this, Darren came to pick us up, drop Reila home then went to pick up Daniel for dinner.  To Daniel and I’s surprise, this dinner turned out to be a surprise birthday party for both of us (since we were born within two days of each other)! :D  I really appreciate and am so grateful to have friends such as the lovely people who were there, standing at the door, to surprise us with “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”.  I wish I could have taken a photo of all those people- it was so happy and colourful and made me smile uncontrollably.  It was so great just to see everyone’s face!  I am really blessed to have these people in my lift.  I also got a few gifts from a couple people:
I received cute animal balloons from Jenny, my favourite alcoholic drink from Mabel and Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility (in it’s beautiful hardcover) from Vee. Thankyou so much girls for these gifts! I love them very much :D

I have work tomorrow, and will be jetting off to the Opera House for a ballet production tomorrow with Darren.  So if I’m late again, sozza in advance cuzza!


One Response to “Weekend No. 46”

  1. Leena Says:

    I’m so glad I could make it :)
    Your grinning face was priceless.
    Haha (L)

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