conflagration (noun). a large fire; war-like conflict

November 24, 2009

I skipped out on An Education and a movie with An today because of work and general exhaustion from lack of sleep.

But besides that, I’ve been doing cool things to Toby, such as giving him a Domo-kun dock icon in place of Adium’s (a version of MSN for systems like Toby), introduced by Reila’s friend, Ninad.  Adium now looks like this on Toby:

I’ve also tried installing an application called Fluid Tunes, but it won’t load for me :(  It’s this application where you can select songs on iTunes through the camera with your movement (like a Wii for iTunes).  It looks heaps fun to play with, but wouldn’t be practical for someone like me who likes to lie on my bed like a sloth and listen to music.

Anyway, on my break today, I went perfume sniffing because I feel like having a new smell. I’ve stuck to Issey Miyake since Spring started, but don’t want to use it for summer. Originally, I was going to invest in the new Summer Edition, however it didn’t smell as pretty as the bottle looked:

I’m thinking either D&G’s L’imperatrice, Marc Jacob’s Lola or Yves Saint Laurent’s Parisienne.

I personally love the first frangrance, but mum loves the second.  The latter has a very distinct, lasting smell but comes on a bit too strongly.  It takes a while for it to smell lovely like the first.  I’m gonna let my mind/nose dwell over this for a while before I invest (probably after Xmas because I promised no more investments for myself:()

In today’s tutoring lesson, after explaining the structure of cellulose them, one of my student’s said “I think we can do well now”.  I said “What do you mean?”.  She said “Well, before this, I thought I would fail chemistry for sure.  But now, I feel like I can do well”.  This made me very happy- it makes my panda eyes worth it for comments such as these today.

This heightened mood was shot down when I was informed by Dad, after I got home, that the Rav4 was caught by a red-light camera, with a fine of $338 and 3 demerits.  What I had thought was ‘my luck’ for not getting my penalty notice was merely RTA’s routine protocol.  I was explaining to my parents how I was checking the mail box religiously for nearly a month for this penalty notice and after the month had passed, I gave up thinking they had let me go.  They (read: Dad) scoffed at me, and said something about how the RTA waits for the camera reel to fill up before processing the films.  FML.  I was ecstatic when I thought I had escaped this silly P-plater mistake.  I opted to take the demerits and pay the fine with the moolah I have earnt the past month through work and tutoring, but my parents insisted on taking the blame and paying the fine.  I have loving parents (even though sometimes I think my Dad can be a very unreasonable person).

I’m gonna try and download Fluid Tunes again.


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