thaumaturgy (noun). the act or art of performing something wonderful; magic

November 24, 2009

I just finished prepping for tomorrow’s tutoring session and now feel somewhat exhausted.

I left work early today to go to see The Australian Ballet’s Concord at the Opera House tonight with Darren.  There were three separate pieces, each very well done.  I am still trying to understand Dyad 1929… I don’t quite get how yellow lights and dots have anything to do with Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic conquest.

My favourite by far was the second routine, titled Scuola Di Ballo.  It was a very quirky storyline, with amazing Victorian-inspired costumes.

The thing I find funny about these productions is the customary, longer-than-usual round of applause.  I mean the dancers deserve our appreciation, but these applauses go on and on and on.  It’s really funny how long it goes for.  What amazes me is that the clapping doesn’t pick up speed or slow down, you know what I mean?  Normally, claps in school assemblies pick up speed, kinda like accelerating: as long as you have your foot on the pedal, the speed slowly increases.  At these productions, it is not the same.  The crowd somehow knows to keep at a constant rate of clapping- some just louder than others because they love the dancer/actor or something. Quite fascinating.  It’s real exciting and all though, getting ‘cultured’ and what not.

Anyway, I’m gonna call Darren now to thank him for this lovely gift.


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