antediluvian (adj). extremely old or antiquated

November 26, 2009

I just got back from the night over my grandmother’s place.  I think I burnt off all the calories from tonight’s dinner from running around with the little youngens, jumping on the guestroom bed, re-aligning this said bed’s frame (because being the gigantic monster that I am, the momentum of my jump shifted the bed frame), did push-ups and attempted free-style handstands.  Best workout I’ve had in a long time.

It’s less than a week to go until I’m off to Culburra with some homies to chillax at a beach house. I’m really wanting to get up at the crack of dawn and go jogging, but am afraid I won’t hold up to these commitments because there is a tendency to stay up heaps late during the night to do other activities besides going to sleep.

My room is in need of a clean up before it becomes home to the summer-time cockroaches.  I need to rid all of my semester 2 uni stuff, remove that pile of clothes to my right and clean up the tragedy that is my dresser/vanity.  I really fail at keeping myself organised.

Mum and I had very long, winding talks today on the drive to and from work.  It involved many facets of what mum likes to call ‘destiny’, which I like to term as ‘choice’.  Mum thinks that everybody’s destiny is already set for them, whereas I think a person can alter their destiny through the choices they make in life.  It’s very philosophical when we converse in our niche-dialect of Chinese, and very personal.  She was saying how everybody is destined for someone, and when you grow together, you realise that things aren’t that great when you’re with someone ‘for the rest of your life’.  Then I posed the question “So are you saying that being single all your life is better than having a partner?”.  She said that this was a very complex issue: on one hand, you’d rather not have to put up/deal with the other person’s true colours, you’d rather be by yourself and free from any insecurities and constraints.  On the other hand, Mum also mentioned that if you’re single, you’re gonna eventually start to feel lonely and would definitely rather have someone by your side, to share stories with and what not.  Yeah, in retrospect, I don’t think we concluded on anything because a customer came in to pick up her martini glasses for her wedding (she’s going to make a beautiful bride).  Anyway, I’m definitely gonna miss these talks with mum when I’m away from home.  I’m gonna miss her ignorant comments, her expanding English vocabulary and her hugs.

Darren just called, so I’ll leave you on that note.


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