pugnacious (adj). combative, belligerent

November 27, 2009

I spend today with one Leena Susan.  It was a grand day with grand meals and purchases.  My purchases were aimed mainly at the beach house trip, where I got this awesome colourful beach umbrella! :D
I’m really glad I invested in this umbrella, because it means future trips to the beach won’t be so hot and I can sit under this umbrella.  It also means that friends of mine who are allergic to sunscreen, such as Ash, can use this umbrella to protect his face from the sun :)

I also started to pack tonight because I would be out tomorrow night with Reila :)  I’m quite proud of my effort, starting from this:
To this:Four bags altogether: one with clothes, another with beach stuff (thankyou Reila for this bag!), another with my ukulele and the last with the beach umbrella! :D


One Response to “pugnacious (adj). combative, belligerent”

  1. Leena Says:

    Every day I get to spend with you is epic :)

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