nonfeasance (noun). failure to act or do what needs to be done

November 29, 2009


Reila, Nigel and I dined at El Jannah in 39 degree heat today.  I’m gonna miss it so much when I leave the south-west and dwell in the south coast for a couple of days.  Reila and Nigel also got me a birthday present: Season 5 of Nip/Tuck and a Twista Beach towel, which comes in ultra handy for the beach trip! :D Thanks guys! :)

Reila and I also attended a post-HSC party (the only one I’ve been invited to) and it was smashing (read: a lot of 09HSCers getting smashed).  Seeing as I was the designated driver, I didn’t drink!  This means that I got to observe a lot of drunken youngens and the funny behaviour they exert when inebriated.  Some were trashy, others were funny.  The host of the party, friends to both Reila and I, is a very funny drunk and yells out stuff in Cantonese and begs to dance to poppy music.  Bless him.

Anyway, attending this party made me feel so old.  Everyone, except Jason’s cousins and Reila, were younger than me.  It made me realise that it has been a year since high school has finished and I was no longer under the constraints of being a minor.  It was an awesome transition, but sometimes I wish some aspects of high school were left there, such as the bitching and resentment.  It’s so immature now that I think about it.  Somethings should be left unsaid if it does no good to anyone.  I can be a walking contradiction sometimes, I want things in life to be simple, but I know that it is far from that.  Most things are complex and require a lot of understanding in order to be prescribed as simple.  I don’t want people to get upset, but I have no doubt that people will get upset because a solution can never satisfy everyone, if there was such a solution, problems such as world hunger and poverty would cease.

I won’t have internet acess whilst I’m down south, but I’m carrying along my moleskin so I can jot down the events and musings of each day that I am away.  Let’s hope it works yeah?? :)  Thanks for staying with maggiesnail.wordpress for so long!  Next time I’m back on, we’ll be approaching the home stetch with less than a month to go! Take care lovelies!


One Response to “nonfeasance (noun). failure to act or do what needs to be done”

  1. Leena Says:

    What will I do with the next few days of my life :(
    I’m gonna miss you SO MUCH BEAUTIFUL! (L)

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