callithump (noun). a noisy, boisturous band or parade.

December 4, 2009

I arrived back home from the beach house last night and was really exhausted, so I left it until this morning to blog. Even though I brought along my moleskin, I did not find the time to write down little musings I had of the day.  Cynthia managed to do so, but I didn’t.  So that is an EPIC fail on my behalf.  I suppose what I can do to make up for this is an EPIC post that gathers my thoughts that have accumulated the past 5-ish days.

Beach house is an awesome experience- it’s like a taste of living away from home.  Actually, thinking about it a little bit more, it’s better than living away from home because you’re with a group of friends that you enjoy your time with.  We spent most days just chilling in the house (when the weather decided to rain/be windy), and when the weather/waves were good, we’d head down to the beach.  It was a mere 5 minute walk to Culburra beach, which was a pretty isolated beach in comparison to the big beaches of metropolitan Sydney.  We had the whole beach to ourselves, plus a few holidays goers.  I have come to really love the waves, minus the salt water that stings your skin/eyes and the sand that decides to make its way to every possible crevasse in your body.   I love beating them most of the time, and walking against the current.  It’s like workout in itself!  I feel as if my legs are much more toned, and tanned as well! :)  I unintentionally gave myself a tan, which I thought looked alright to start of with.  However, I have since decided against that and want to rid myself of this tan.  Daniel’s father and my mum both gave me the same remark when they saw me: You’re black! OR Black girl.  It’s not that I’ve gone orange or as dark as black cat, it’s something like two shades darker (but oh! how Asians love to exaggerate stuff like this).  I think I’ll just have this tan temporarily.  I will rid with whitening soap and loads of moisturising cream so I don’t dry my skin out.

I did not take as much photos as I intended to.  I think I only have photos for Day 1 of the trip, because I had forgotten to  empty out my memory card.  I will remember to hand my USB over to Cynthia so I can leech some of her photos.  I’ll just post up some of the photos I have at the moment :)

I am now off to go spend the day with Abarna and Kimmy because I have a day off.  I will promise to post some more after Jenny’s.


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