grandiloquence (noun). lofty, extravagantly colourful, pompous or bombastic style, manner or language

December 6, 2009

Today, whilst helping my cousin pick out her Yr 6 Farewell dress on my lunch break, I decided to also look for potential Lady Gaga concert outfits.  I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but Reila had bought me tickets to go see Gaga in concert early next year with Carol and her sister, Fiona.  I really look forward to dressing up for this occasion- outrageous and, as some like to call it, FIERCE.

I’m currently tossing up between two outfits: the one where she wears her hair in a big bow or the one/two shots of her in the Bad Romance video clip where she’s wearing a black crown (like the crown Max wears in Where the Wild Things Are) and a pair of sunnies.
I don’t have the blonde hair she has, but I’m so excited regardless!  Now just to decide which outfit to go with. The bow or the crown?? Decisions, decisions.

On another note, I’m anxiously waiting for an e-mail regarding my internal transfer into the combined law program at UNSW.  I have obtained my D-average WAM but have not gotten anything to do with offers.  I’m happy but am also a bit scared because nothing is certain yet, so naturally, I haven’t told my parents about my results even though they’ve been asking.


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