arborescent (adj). resembling a tree in properties, growth, structure or appearance.

December 7, 2009

I’ve decided that I want a bow (hair) for the Lady Gaga concert, because the crown will probably get mooshed up in the mosh pit anyway.  Woo!  If I can’t find a big bow, I will make it from my hair (like Lady Gaga does, but a floppier version because my hair lacks volume), and if all else fails, I will make myself a massive bow for a headdress.  I’m so excited!  I’m supposed to finish off prepping for my tutoring session (I want to be a week ahead for preparations now), but have spent most of the night learning how to make a bow with hair.

Nonetheless, I’m really looking forward to tutoring chemistry!  We’re entering my favourite module tomorrow and I cannot wait to express my admiration for Le Chatelier and his principle, and mole calculations.  How I miss it so much! YAY! :D

I had a rather exhausting day at work today.  Aside from the onset of the Christmas rush, there was also stocking and gift packs to assemble.  It was all pretty mundane.  My breath of fresh air comes from one of Mum’s musings, or when I serve a very beautiful customer.  I have many of the former, and rarely of the latter. Today, I was lucky enough to serve a lovely old lady.  If I knew how to take photographs, I would title her portrait as “Timeless Beauty”.  She’s a regular so I have seen her before, but I have never noticed how graceful and beautiful she was until today.  She is probably around in her late 60s, early 70s, but she was very beautiful. Her hair was all done up, but she had minimal make-up on; she was a little chubby, but healthy; she wore lavish jewellery, but had a simple clothing; she was stern, yet very content with what she had and who she was.  She somewhat epitomised what I wanted to look like, slash be, when I’m in my 60s (if I ever make it to that age): well-composed, financially stable, independent, able to bake, eloquent and gracious.  She seemed happy, but she never smiled (as she was stern-looking).  I don’t want to be like that though- I would rather smile everyday and get my face used to smiling so I will have a happy face when I’m laid to rest (instead of sleeping with a blank expression).  I realise this will take a lot, but I am willing to try!

I must go finish off this subsection now!


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