tintinnabulary (adj). of or relating to bells or the ringing of bells

December 10, 2009

After work, Mum and I decided to head into David Jones to have a browse at some handbags.  We walked past some perfumes on the way and I told her how I really loved D&G’s L’imperatrice (No.3).  She smelt it and thought it was lovely and simple, and bought me a bottle as an early Christmas pressie! :D

I had a pretty mundane work day, tirelessly stocking and wrapping gift packs.  I had a few interesting conversations with a few customers.  One man was looking for a drum herb cutter, but we didn’t stock them.  He came to the conclusion that the ones we had were “too good for him”.  He came back later in the day telling me about his successful quest of finding this drum herb cutter. I remember this conversation most distinctly, not because he showed me this nifty drum herb butter, but because the man was wearing a light blue floral shirt that had only two buttons done up (from the bottom), exposing a lot of grey-ed chest hair.   Another women came in with wild purple hair because she had told me yesterday that she would be back in.  Another guy spoke with a stutter, but shared a story with me of how he wanted a tea-for-one set for him Nanna who was living in the nursing home.  Another women, who wore this bright orange (fake) Guess top, loved our spice racks and said she’d come back later with her son for it.  She came back to spend $100 on other stuff.  A girl came in with her boyfriend and bought this large round vase to use as a punch bowl.  I remember her because her boyfriend had an awesome name: Mario.
Everybody else was pretty boring

I’m having dinner after work with some lovely girlfriends tomorrow night ! Yippee! :D  I feel very socially isolated at work because I see some many social arrangements walk by: when I see a group of girls together, it makes me think of how I could be Xmas shopping with my girlfriends; when I see a mother and daughter together, I think of how I could be shopping with Mum; when I saw Mario and the girl, I think about how I could be out shopping with Darren; when I see a group of friends in Gloria Jeans, I think of how I could be chilling with my mates.  Work makes me feel very isolated indeed- I kinda wish I had visitors, it would totally brighten up my day.  Like today, when leaving for work, Jenny passed by my place and yelled out “Maggie!!” with the cutest face/voice (I don’t think I’m ever gonna get that out my head, it was so cute).  She’s gone overseas now, I will miss her!  Anyway, this brief moment of seeing Jenny (and Daniel in the passenger seat), made my drive to work so much more fun, somehow.  But I work in the Shire and most, if not all, of my mates are from the southwest, so I don’t get visitors.
I have mum though, woo! :D


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