animadversion (noun). harsh criticism or diapproval

December 14, 2009

I arrived home today from work to find a package from Reila and Nigel:

It’s as if Christmas came early because I was treated to such wonderful delights, both tangibe and intangible.  Dimi sent me this link which made me smile heaps more after:

I still have a girl crush on her:

Today was the first day to the two weeks of extended hours of trading at the Centre.  I clocked out at 6 o’clock until Mum shouted me a Cookies n Cream Chillo from New Zealand’s Natural, which got me pumping again, gift packing candles and whatnot.  I suppose I will go to sleep early tonight to avoid clocking out at 6pm again at work.

I have marked all but two sets of homework for tutoring.  I feel somewhat satisfied. I think I will treat myself to red nails after this post.

And Hieu, I stand corrected.  Lebanaese bread it was.

I don’t know why but I always thought Turkish bread was the flat one and Lebanese the loafier one.


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