inspissate (verb). to thicken, as by evaporation

December 15, 2009

I’m enrolled for next semester! Yippeee! :D (Click to enlarge)
I’m back to 4 days of uni a week, but I don’t mind!  I only have 3 tutorials out of the 5 classes I have.  I like the fact finish at 4 at the latest, and start at a decent time.  The bad thing about this timetable is that, because I’m a transfer into the Combined Law program, I miss out on doing the Criminal Law 1(LAWS1001)  course, which is taken up by the Foundations of Law (LAWS1052) course.  Also, instead of Criminal Law 1, I’m stuck with Public Law 1(LAWS1140) and Contracts 1(LAWS1071): the two most tedious-and-boring sounding courses of the three law courses offered next semester for second years.  I’m glad that I’m still doing two core International Studies cores, so I get to see all my InStud peers.  I ended up choosing International Relations Concepts and Theories (ARTS2814) and picking up Intermediate French A(ARTS2480). I had a dream I failed French, so I really should be revising over French this break, maybe watch Finding Nemo in French or something.

I’m bragging about this enrollment because the 3 solid hours I spent trying to figure out what courses I needed to do, then putting them through Rectangles, then finding out that Rectangles lied to me (with incorrect time classes), then having to figure out when I want my classes, deserves a bit of bragging.  I shall end now though.

It’s really hot and sticky and I think I should head to bed soon.  I had my second last session of tutoring today and I’m going to miss helping the children heaps (especially this accelerated Yr 9 maths student who does 3 unit).  Work tomorrow from  7o’clock- how exciting!


2 Responses to “inspissate (verb). to thicken, as by evaporation”

  1. hieu Says:

    You and I have similar start/finish times next sem!

  2. Shimene Says:

    maggie I have no breaks with you at all this sem :( booo if you ever choose to skip your last lecture on tuesday, we can go home together :D

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