marmoreal (adj). resembling marble, as in smoothness. whiteness or hardness.

December 17, 2009

We sell marble lazy Susans, cutting boards, napkin holders, rolling pins and those mortar and pestles.

Anyway, I realised last night before going to bed, that us normal people can no longer convey the phrase P.S. I Love You in a genuine, personal and mellifluous manner because it has been ‘mainstreamed’ (so to speak) by Gerard Butler’s (fake) Irish accent from the movie, titled, P.S. I Love You. I seriously don’t think I can read the words P.S. I Love You without the aforementioned accent ghost-reading it for me in this noggin’ of mine.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a heart-breakingly lovely movie, but it has taken something that is supposed to be personal, funnel it through popular culture and consequently, rendered it very difficult for me to convey the phrase P.S. I Love You, verbally and in writing because all I get it the movie, where one spouse has passed on and, that Irish accent which I do not have. Boo.

It’s really hot now.

I think I saw a boy from uni today at work, but I daren’t ask because i) I forgot his name, ii) I forgot which class I had with him, iii) he was with a girl, and iv) he had a hole in his pants just to the left of the area commonly called in-between-the legs.  Awkward.


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