rhamanthine (adj). strictly and uncompromisingly just.

December 18, 2009

I was sent a package from the UNSW Law Faculty today, including details for Info Days and and the faculty’s (annual) newsletter.  The thing about these newsletter that it doesn’t offer anything comprehensive or insightful about the faculty, but rather, glorifies it in many aspects.  What I was hoping to find in this package was information regarding law majors and courses available to students in 2010.  Instead, I find pages about how the faculty represents the notion of ‘social justice in action’, stuff about where a law degree can take you, the faculty’s rankings and what not, and also all the wonderful alumnis that have walked through their doors.  Besides finding all this information not very informative at all, I also find that all this is unnecessarily targetted at people like me (otherwise, why else would they send out stuff like this to me).  I have already chosen the UNSW Law faculty as my desired and most preferred faculty, and their acceptance of my application is enough to blow steam up their already inflated ego.  I don’t need anymore convincing that this law faculty is one of the prestigious ones in Sydney, thankyou.

Besides that, I finally understand Ninad’s comment about people.  Upon a visit to Ninad, who works at the Sydney Apple store, he told me about how he was sick of people in general, because of  his retail work.  I didn’t think much of it, as I thought I was a very tolerant and accepting person when it comes to other human beings.  However, being in the retail industry as a mere Xmas casual, and only having worked 2-3 weeks, I am very much indeed SICK OF PEOPLE/CUSTOMERS who don’t even know what they want. I feel his pain.
I had a customer come in today, and asked for wine stoppers.  To which I showed her out chess pieces one, and our more simple/cheap ones.  She said she wanted something ‘fancier’, so I showed her out X-mas, glass wine stoppers- to which she complained about it being too expensive; WELL IF YOU’RE GONNA HAVE SOMETHING FANCIER, PAY A LITTLE BIT MORE FOR IT MISS!
Another lady, who bought a BBQ set, and mind you the cheaper one of the two we have, with wooden handles instead of stainless steel and stored in a  plastic case compared to an aluminium one.  She came back the next day and asked for a refund because ‘it’s not very good quality’.  Now, it’s not to say that its completely chat- it works fine as a BBQ set, BUT LADY, if you’re wanting ‘very good quality’, maybe try stainless steel? Shittttters. Some customers really give me the shitters.


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