Weekend No. 50

December 19, 2009

I tried to find something entertaining slash inspiring to post on this blog, because it seriously is in need of some entertainment and inspiration.  I found no such thing on youtube.com, nor did I find anything on the infamous Faceboook.

I suppose what I can do this weekend is to do a little reflective piece for the year that was 2009.  There’s less than half a month to go and I can’t think of a better time tos it down and do such a thing,mainly because Weekend 51 will be Boxing Day and the weekend after will be the New Year already! (And I just realised I won’t be able to post Weekend 52, unless I stuffed up my couting, which I probably did. Boo) D:

The Year That Was: 2009 (in dot-points, because I miss them)

  • I started tertiary education/university. I started uni in the Internaitonal Studies program.  It was a nice, easy fun year.  I aimed for a D WAM to apply for a transfer into law, which I recently was accepted into.  I’ve come to really like my uni- it wasn’t my first choice, but I’ve learn to love the UNSW enviroment and atmosphere.
  • I have really learnt to open my mind up to other weird and wonderful things, thanks to university.
  • I’ve discovered there are A LOT of different type of people, thanks to the above mentioned institution. There are people who are genuinely nice, up-front, assertive and there are also those who are extremely open-minded, share the same but different interests, intelligent, eloquent and have wonderful trivial knowledge.  On the flip side, there are some who are extremely superficial, fake, liars and not-cool in general.
  • Mum is one of my best friends and I never want to lose what we currently have.
  • I started gym membership late last year, which is now suspended.
  • I’m still not quite sure about who I am.  I would not be able to fill out an “About Me” section satisfactorily.
  • I decided I want to be a philanthropist/humanitaran ‘when I grow up’, not a lawyer.  I think my work with Oxfam and my local Liberal Branch has a lot to do with this and I really look forward to continuing my work with these organisations.
  • I got into a relationship sometime half a year ago- best decision to date.  I’m so happy in this point in time thanks to just one person- I wouldn’t believe it myself if I wasn’t in this relationship.
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees- I’ve taken money for granted my whole life until uni came, and petrol prices went up and the GFC.  I think too much of society is under the impression that ‘money makes the world go round’, and not ‘sharing is caring’.
  • I’m a Mac-convert, now a converter.
  • Alcohol and clubbing are both over-rated (not being a skeptic or too-cool-for-school here!).  But I still want to go out and have a great night out with the girls!
  • I still have yet to set foot on an aeroplane.  Boo :(

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