Weekend No. 52

December 27, 2009

We’ve finally reached the last week of 2009! :D HIP HIP HORRAY!

I missed out on blogging last night because I was over at Darren’s playing Taboo and charades with his brothers and cousins.  I normally don’t get to play these games with my brother nor my cousin because they’re all too young to play (I’m the eldest of my group of cousins), so it was awesome fun to get a taste of it again.

I was craving charcoal chicken with garlic sauce the past week I’ve been working.  Last time I had such a meal was at Bankstown’s Habibs, but their Maccas-styled chips did not satisfy my hunger.  So for lunchie yesterday, Darren and I headed back to El Jannah to have a lovely meal that consisted of what is pictured (note the PACKED plate of garlic sauce NOMNOMNOM!):

Today, Nessa, Vina and their cousin from the Gold Coast, Jenny, went shopping at Parramatta.  Traffic/parking is insane- there were so many people that it made all of us exhausted after only a selected number of stores.  I managed to pick up a cute belt ring, some bangles, (yet another) high-waisted skirt, a leotard (finally!) and a black dress! (With a total under $150!!) Yippeeee! :D  I thought this shot of Vina perfectly epitomises the exhaustion we all succumbed to after the workout that was X-mas Clearance shopping, but clearly, she’s more hardcore than the rest of us as her face is covered:

Afterwards, we dropped Vina’s off and headed back to Nessa’s for an afternoon nap.  Then we decided to head off to Wagaya for dinner!  We picked up Vee on the way, and complained pretty much the whole way about being tired and hungry.  When we got there, there was a 30-45 minute wait for a table, so we headed over to the cute, little,pink shop in Chinatown (where I get my Lanolin cream), so Vee could buy her perfume.  Nessa and I ended up picking up a bottle for ourselves.  Nessa got the peach fragrance, Vee the vanilla and I got the pomegranate for myself (at 20% off yo!): I’ve really come to enjoy the scent of pomegranate since using the Kit body lotion.  It’s so yummmy!

And like every other time on our way home, Nessa, Vee and I were dancing to the sounds that were being pumped out of Ruby’s sound system!  Thankyou for taking me out today girls!  I’ve missed it heaps! :D

Tomorrow night, after work, I get to catch up with all my school girlfriends- so excited! :D


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