tendentiously (adverb). stated in such a way as to promote a cause; biased

December 28, 2009

Tonight, after work, I headed over to Jenny’s for a girl’s get together- just to catch up with some lovely faces who I haven’t seen in a while.  We watched Transformers and talked about like we used to under that tree.  We also ate a lot of yummy (read: naughty junk) food.  I love nights in like tonight.  I really do.

I’m back home because I’m not allowed to sleepover, but I hope all the girlies have heaps of fun, as I’m sure they will! :D  I also have work starting at 9, so I couldn’t stay too late.

I would like to thank Leena for the lovely red Moleskin 2010 diary and the Euphalation Box (it made me teary, but you didn’t see).  I would also like to thank Abarna and Davis for the Masterchef Cookbook they got me! :D
Jenny gave me a fantabulous idea for another blog: it could be like what they did in Julia&Julia (the movie) where the girl blogs about her adventures of cooking from a cookbook.  I thought this was brilliant, but we’ll see how up-to-it I feel.



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