gastronome (noun). a connoiseur of good food and drink; a gourmet

December 29, 2009

I have been lazing around on this couch for the past hour watching a re-run episode of NCIS, when I should have been cleaning my room.  But the thing is, I smell too beautiful to clean my room.  Because after work today, Mum and I headed over to Myer to peer around.  We ended up buying myself some new Davenports (more colours Kimmy and Abarna ;D) and Mum got some new make-up.  But the point is, I smell beautiful at the moment because Mum and I always tend to wander to the fragrance section and customarily sprayed a (demo) fragrance on- I currently have on YSL’s Parisienne, which smells even more divine after 4 hours wear or something.  Also, there is one of those “Super Juicer”s sitting right next to me and I feel the biggest urge to go squeeze some fruit juice instead of cleaning my room.  The packaging looks so convinving!  All I need now is a bunch of grapes for some grape juice, or a couple of apples for some fresh apple juice.  Unfortunately, all I have at the moment is some in-season mangoes and oranges… Sounds nice, but I can’t be bothered cleaning up and everything after either, so I won’t make that orange and mango juice.  I think I’ll just settle for some pre-made multi-V juice I have in the fridge.  I should stop smelling myself and stop giving myself a reason not to clean my room, and just go clean my room.  I think the clutter in there doesn’t let me energy/creative juices flow properly. Hey, I’ve been going on for a while about juices, I think I’ll go get some Multi-V juice now, then go clean my room.  Multi-V will boost some energy and let me clean this room.  I was terribly tired after work today, so I slept after I got home.  I missed dinner, so I just had something to eat, which made me more tired because I had too much of it and it made me lazy.

I need to go buy Future Music tickets soon.  I will go deposit moolah tomorrow if the banks are open so I can buy my ticket.  I’ve never been to a music festival, so I’m not too sure what to expect.  Hopefully, it’s heaps fun!  The line-up doesn’t look too bad.  I’m just really looking forward to a day out with the girls!  They’re always (always!) fun to be around.

I’m (finally) nearly done with J.D. Salinger’s Catcher In The Rye and I just realised that I have started talking like the narrator/protagonist of the novel, who just goes on and on about stuff on his mind.  My favourite passage from the book so far is (it’s in my Moleskin!):

(So this guy, the protagonist named Holden, has just arranged a date with this girl he used to be interested in.  He now thinks that she’s a fake and what not.  When the girl arrives at the hotel lobby, Holden thinks this)

“The funny part is, I felt like marrying her the minute I saw her.  I’m crazy.”

Reading educates in the most bizarre way.  Speaking of which, Laksmi sent me an e-mail with reviews of the books she has read so far in her uni break.  I might indulge in some of those listed, just because she has reviewed them so well!  I think Laksmi is the most intelligent friend I have.  She is so well-rounded, and knows what’s good and not-good for her.  I know that she’s a mere 2 years older than me, but  I wish I was more like her.  I wish I knew who I was.  It sometimes annoys me that I have yet to figure out who I am as a person, which makes me come across as this total ‘random’ person, and I really don’t want myself coming across as that.  I know that I am still growing and all that jazz, but what if I never figure out who I am?   Time just keeps ticking, and we all keeping living, and we never really get to know who we are.  Instead, we get told who we are.  That’s not right, is it? Or is this blog just making me think too much and I should stop?  I’m kinda glad that this blog-everyday-in-2009 thing is coming to an end; but I’m also going to miss blogging.  I will find something to procrastinate with in 2010, which is here in 4 days! Quite excited.  I kinda want to leave with a very cool entry, but I don’t know what to do that is deemed very cool.  Suggestions?


One Response to “gastronome (noun). a connoiseur of good food and drink; a gourmet”

  1. FutureMusik Says:

    can you buy me a ticket too?

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