serendipity (noun). the accidental discovery of something pleasant, valuable or useful; a natural gift for good fortune or luck

December 30, 2009

Planning something awesome for tomorrow’s post! :D Woo!

It’s one more sleep until NYE and I’m really excited about tomorrow.  I’m meeting up with Kimmy at a nice cafè before I go pick up Nigel (the fish) from Darren’s then go to El Jannah for some NYE lunch!  Then we’re gonna go watch a movie and then make dessert thereafter. I’m really excited! :D I even bought home a loose-base flan pan just incase we decide to make a tart or something from the Masterchef Cookbook! Yippee!

I am currently in love with the lyrics of this song (the video is not that great, so just enjoy the song):

I want to change my pillow and quilt covers but I can’t even find new bed sheets! Wahhhhhh!  I swear I invested in black ones earlier this year, but I can’t seem to find them! Booooo!

Anyway, I’ll continue my search.  I hope everyone has a lovely NYE and a serendipitous new years! I’ll be here on maggiesnail.wordpress tomorrow with something exciting (well something that I, myself, is exciting)! :D


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