kibosh (noun). to put an end to; dispose of decisively

January 6, 2010

Hello, again.

It seems that I couldn’t  jump off the bandwagon that is the domain.  I was very close to clicking ‘Join Tumblr’ and ‘Create Blogger’ buttons but I couldn’t do it.  I went back to the dashboard and realised that I really miss blogging, a lot (even though it’s been a mere week that I’ve been MIA).  I’ll remain faithful to this domain as it has been able serve my needs satisfactorily and will only leave it once I find something else that is a worthy substitute.

In sync with the new dashboard layout, maggiesnail.wordpress will also have a new (and somewhat fresh) layout.  YAYAY! :D I do miss the old one, but it’s a new year, and to mark the official end of my one year’s daily blogging experience, I’ve put the kibosh on the old layout and have adopted a new one.  I’ll continue my titles with words that I am not familiar with just to keep things interesting (thankyou Darren for this word)!

I’m glad I’m going back to the non-daily blogging style- it leaves me plenty of time to elaborate my musings and the likes of whatever is on my mind.  No more “Shit!-11:59pm-is-coming-gotta-get-my-blogging-on” calls from the back of my head when blogging.  No more coercion to blog about unnecessary events in my day.  For those who are not familiar with what I’m going on about, in the year that was 2009, I made myself a resolution to blog everyday for a year.  In short, it was a stressful, anxious, fun and interesting experience.  As you can probably tell, I’m feeling very free now! (:

Today, I finally decided to spend Dad’s christmas pressie of $100 to help pay for my very own Mimco Drum Pouch (on sale!)!  I am really in love with the bag and will definitely wear it everywhere I can (if I wear it 229 times I can ensure that it goes down to $1 per wear!)  This is me very happy with the said bag (don’t mind the planet-sized pimple that is to the left of my nose):

So again, hello fellow readers! My name is Maggiesnail online, but you can call me Maggie, and in a sentence: I’m 19, a student, DVD collector, owner of Nigella and Toby (who are my fish and Macbook respectively), Liberal (but am currently unsure of my involvement in politics altogether), listener, Oxfam activist/volunteer, ukulele, tutoring industry, retail industry,  D&G No.3, longing to read more books, learning to cook both sweets and savoury, frankie, films, IKEA, Jay-Z, John Mayer, Jason Mraz, I am happy (mostly), in love and have forgotten my retainers at work today!


One Response to “kibosh (noun). to put an end to; dispose of decisively”

  1. Leena Says:

    My baby’s back :D

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