flagitious (adj). disgracefully or shamefully criminal; grossly wicked

January 12, 2010

Sarcasm.  I’ve been employing a lot lately so I could learn the art of sarcasm, that is, be more able to pick up on sarcasm in text and everyday communication.  I’ve always had a problem with it- this noggin of mine lacked sarcasm detection and I was getting worried as I headed into tertiary education.  I feared that no one in society would believe that I attend university because of the fact that I was seriously unable to detect the most obvious form of sarcasm.  I’m glad to report, that I’ve been adopting and improving my sarcasm detection skills! (:  I didn’t just decide that I improved on my own account; rather it was verified by Eric, who asked me “Why do you use sarcasm for?”, which meant I was able to convey it, and therefore understand to an extent how it works.  My account of this to him was pretty simple: Sarcasm is a tool for humour, humour induces laughter;and laughter is the best medicine. (I felt so G when I told him that because it made me believe that I was well and truly getting the hang of sarcasm!)

Anyway, I walked into JB Hi-Fi today, and they had Britney Spear’s Oops…I Did It Again album playing.  I’m gonna go hunt down my copy of the CD because I remember liking it a lot when the album came out (no sarcasm!).


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