connoisseur (noun). an expert judge in matters of taste

January 18, 2010

Dear Hieu,
I noticed on your New Years Resolution post that you wanted to increase your tolerance for chilli.  This got me really excited because i) I love chilli and ii) am connoisseur of chilli (if I may say so myself!). Subsequently, I have come up with a list of suggested foodstuffs to assist you in your resolution.  I really do love my chilli and hope you’ll learn to love the burn, the flavours and colours of the small, hot-tasting pod!

All types of food to help increase your tolerance for chilli!

(in increasing order of what I call “Chilli Burn”)

  1. Paprika-salted hot chips (think, Red Lea.  Maybe even try those Devil Chippees in place of the normal Chicken Chips)

  2. Mild Curries (these are more coconut-ty than burn, so its a good start too!)

  3. Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Wicked Wings (I find that only the coating is ‘wicked’.  I find that if the burn gets too much, dip it in some sweet-CHILLI sauce!)

  4. Dominoes’ BBQ Meat Lovers Pizza, with CHILLI flakes (most of the time, they’re stingy with their flakes, so they only add a bit on!)

  5. Yum Cha Dumplings with the CHILLI sauce that comes with the tea (I think that Yum Cha CHILLI sauce is the best CHILL sauce around, and you can dip as less/much as you want!)

  6. You average Subway Footlong, with JALAPENOES (if it ever gets to much, just take another bite of the salad filled bun to ease the burn)

  7. BBH, more commonly known as Bun Bo Hue+ some accents that I’m not sure about (Ask for no spicy, then add the CHILLI satay sauce to your liking.  I find that BBH burn can cure a noseblock, but it’s not too strong, so it’s wonderful like that!)

  8. Regular donor kebab, any sauce you want + CHILLI sauce (I like to mix it with BBQ because it’s sweeter to offset/accompany the burn.  Morever, you can add the beloved garlic sauce, however I find that it can overpower the BBQ and CHILLI mix)

    By this stage, if you can handle chilli sauce in your kebab, you can move onto the more advance burn stuff, such as the following:

  9. Nando’s Chicken with MILD Peri-Peri Sauce (for the brave, try the HOT Peri-Peri Sauce.  Warning: Peri-Peri Sauce can be addictive!)

  10. Pad Kee Mao (which can be found at any decent Thai restaurant-pretty much fried noodles, but with CHILLI!  I normally get chicken with veggies on this)

  11. Explode on Wok, which is now called the Chicken Explode at Baan Thai/Thai Baan in Liverpool (this delivers the most beautiful burn)

This is just a suggestion and can be moulded to your own liking!  If anything, just add some fresh chillies or chilli sauce to any stir-fry you have at home.  Hope this helps mate!



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