My internet is so fast today it makes me uber happy to watch Youtube videos whilst doing my law readings.
Law has been great so far.  I love it over my International Studies component this semester (maybe because I’m not doing one of my Major’s core).  I’m finding that studying law is not all about the readings, even though it is very time consuming.  It’s about thinking differently, logically and pretty much, lawyerly.  I find it very interesting to delve into the cases that make up what regulates our society, and the various (tedious) procedural and substantive aspects of this system.  Also, heading back into uni as a second year student has is benefits- you know where everything is, you feel comfortable in your environment and you know much more people than you did going into uni in first year.  I am currently loving how the tertiary education of my life is flowing.

On a more trivial note, I visited the NSW Supreme Court with Ash and Tammy (fellow law students) for one of our assignments.  In the duration of the trial, I really needed to go to the bathroom however the Courthouse didn’t seem to have any, leaving me to resort to the public toilets.  The public toilet that was closest to the Courthouse was one that you needed to pay a fee of 50c to gain access into.  It was a free standing toilet, sort of like a free cubicle in the middle of the street.  Since I really needed to go, I hesitantly paid 50c, not expecting much because it was a public toilet.

However, this was the best toilet experience of my 19-year-old-never-out-of-the-NSW-border life and was completely worth my 50c.  Once the cubicle had administered my 50c fee, its door slid open, allowing me to gain entry to what was a nicely maintain public toilet with halogen lighting.  There were not one, but two hooks to hang your belongings (where I used one to hang my bag and the other for my umbrella); a nice toilet bowl that you need not flush because it automatically flushes upon your exit; a self-handwashing machine where soap is dispensed with water so you can lather, as well as a hand-dryer, and; a distortion mirror, which stretch your body/face when you look it, providing great entertainment for what was conventionally a mundane practice of society.  Best experience of the day, honestly.

I’m growing up and am becoming accustomed to society and how it isn’t perfect (even in my own circle).  I know people who have changed, but am unable to tell them that I don’t exactly am fond of who they are now; people who think they’re bigger than other people, even though God created (wo)men all alike and equal (or words to that effect); people who I am unable to confront because I’ve grown detached to them.  Too many issues that I can’t be bothered with because I know there is more to life.  Who I am fond of include the handful of people I trust, and the people who I have unknowingly become close to because of similar interests and share the same amicable nature as I.

Here’s something my fast internet provided me with: